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Four of Clubs

By February 18, 2004employment, las vegas

Yesterday, I got out of the car in the Mandalay Bay parking garage and tripped over a speed bump to find a card (the four of clubs with a ‘Q’ drawn on it in black marker) at my feet. I proceeded to the elevator where there was a sort of scary-looking individual waiting to board. I opted to turn back and retrieve the dirty four of clubs off the ground and then returned to the elevator after the smelly short man in a cowboy hat was gone.

I went to the House of Blues and filled out a job application, and I received a call to go back this morning at 10:30 for an interview. Starting Monday, I’ll be a server at the House of Blues Las Vegas in the Mandalay Bay. The four of clubs is my new good luck charm. Score. (I wonder if any four of clubs would work, or do I need to continue to walk around with the dirty folded one I found in the parking garage?)

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