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Fabio the Hamster

Sammy: “Make sure Fabio doesn’t get out.”

Me: “That’s his name?”

Sammy: “No, that’s his nickname.”

Me: “Oh.”

Sammy: “His real name is Boots.”

I watch to make sure Fabio/Boots doesn’t get out until Sammy gets back from the bathroom.

Sammy: “FABIO! What are you doing?  Bad!”

Me: “What did he do?”

Sammy: “Awww, look at his pokey pokey head! Aww, he’s lookin’ out!  Awwww!  BAD FABIO!  What are you doing?  Stop kicking your food.  You need to be punished!”

She takes out the hamster and tosses it up in the air a few times.

Me: “We used to do that to my friend’s hamster.”

Sammy: Laughs

Me: “It died.”

Sammy: “WHAT? How?  How did it die?  Oh, FABIO.  Kiss, kiss Fabio.  Aren’t you glad I feed you?  Go in your hole.  Night night, Fabio!”

Me: “I thought his name was Boots.”

Sammy: “Fabio.”

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  • firebeech says:

    that is one of the funniest posts I’ve read in these things! I added you too, it’s totally cool. what part of jerz? How do you like it here so far?

    • Lisa says:

      haha, yeah, now that i reread it, this one is pretty funny. monmouth county NJ — belmar, point pleasant…about an hour north of atlantic city. near the beach (i think i’m gonna miss the ocean this summer!)
      i like vegas so far. i was trying to find a job in special events or public relations, but i’m waitressing @ the house of blues (way to use my college degree… =)
      by the way, if you thought that conversation was funny, you might enjoy this one:
      and it’s sequel:
      thanks for adding me! =D

      • firebeech says:

        I used to live about an hour away from Spring Lake, pretty much straight west from there, that’s close to Belmar, isn’t it? I actually have a job in special events, but it is probably different than what you want. It’s called Plan-It Interactive, a corporate events planning company, we do mock casino nights, rent out video games, and do teambuilding events for big companies and private parties. I want to work at the HOB sooo bad, but more along the lines of booking entertainment and such. My degree is in communications with minors in PR, Music Industry, and Speech Comm. Are you communications too? What college? What brought you out to Vegas? ttyl!

        • Lisa says:

          Spring Lake is right next to Belmar. That’s awesome that you know where that is, haha.
          I graduated from Virginia Tech – majored in Communications, concentrated in PR, and minored in Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt. I ended up taking the job @ HOB because I figured I could work my way up, you know? I have so much restaurant experience that I figured it’d be easier to get my foot in the door through the restaurant side first… I guess we’ll see what happens. I swore I’d never wait on another table again after my last few jobs, but this one seems to be going well so far. I’d eventually like to get into special events or music hall production if I stay there — I’ve managed a restaurant before and don’t really want to do that again…haha. It’s cool though, it seems like a lot of the management in all different parts of the HOB company started out serving or bussing tables or bartending.
          I came to Vegas because I got bored of the cold weather. My aunt and uncle moved out here in January and offered to let me stay with them for free for as long as I wanted, so I figured, what the hell? and decided to come out. I’ve been here about three weeks and I like it so far. I just need to meet some more people to hang out with and stuff. I love my four little cousins, but they’re 14, 12, 9, and 8 — so that gets old after awhile. =) Anyway, this comment is getting a bit lengthy…
          How did you end up getting a job w/that event planning company? It sounds like fun — do you like it so far?
          Talk to ya soon!

          • firebeech says:

            My roommate was close friends with my boss, and within three days I had a job that just recently went full time. I like it a lot, but the office work is mostly making phonecalls, but the events are a blast. I would really love to get into the business end of music, and I’m trying to figure how exactly. I had an internship with a major record company, but there aren’t too many of those in Vegas. That’s awesome that you get to live rent free, way to go on that decision 🙂 Yeah, the weather sucks at home, I guess we’ll see how we feel about the weather when the summer comes here and its 100 degrees. We should hang out sometime, let me know if you would be interested in that 🙂 ttyl

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