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En Route to Las Vegas – Day 6

By February 6, 2004road trips

Miles Driven: 2800-something
Hours spent in car today: more than 8 Total: more than 42.5
States covered today: New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada
Best part of the day: seeing a TUMBLEWEED!
Cool things we did today: Drove along some more of Historic Route 66, hiked down into Walnut Canyon and saw some cliff-dwellings, had lunch at a fun brewery in Flagstaff, saw a tumbleweed, took a picture with a tumbleweed, got a tumbleweed, visited the Hoover Dam, crossed into the Pacific Time Zone, arrived in Las Vegas
Worst part of the day: I don’t think it’s a pulled muscle, but my legs still hurt
Funniest part of the day: Arguing over whether or not the tumbleweed we saw was, in fact, a real tumbleweed. Apparently my mother has some warped sense of what a tumbleweed consists of. I think she envisioned a tangled-up mess of dead wild thorny vines all tied up in a huge knot rolling wildly down the prairie – I had to remind her this was a tumbleweed, not the Tasmanian Devil. We ended up making a call to Stephen, who graciously agreed to play tumbleweed-expert and relay the official definition of a tumbleweed from the dictionary. A tumbleweed is “a plant (such as Russian thistle or any of several amaranths) that has become detached from its root and is driven about by the wind as a lightly rolling mass.” Thus, the “lightly rolling mass” we saw bouncing across the exit ramp into Seligman, AZ was, in fact, a true tumbleweed.
Current location: Las Vegas, NV
Miles to Hawaii: Haha, just kidding… =)

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