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En Route to Las Vegas – Day 5

By February 5, 2004road trips

Miles Driven: 2393.4
Hours spent in car today: more than 8 Total: more than 34.5
States covered today: Texas, New Mexico
Funniest signs today: “No livestock in unloading zone” at a rest stop, “FREE ARROWHEAD” in large black letters on a white billboard that failed to specify where one could pick up this free souvenir, and “Albuquerque Next 19 Exits”
Best part of the day: the scenery – plains, plateaus, mountains, buttes, lava, etc
Cool things we did today: Crossed into a new Time Zone, watched the land go from flat to rocky, stopped in Tucumcari, NM to see the Rte. 66 Auto Museum, drove for awhile on Historic Route 66, ate lunch at Tortilla Flats in Santa Fe, stopped at a store called Jackalope in Santa Fe, drove through Old Town Santa Fe
Worst part of the day: my pulled muscle in my leg hurts
Current location: Gallup, NM
Miles to Las Vegas: approximately 465??

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  • kindly enlighten please…
    what the hell is a jackalope? cause pete has a stuffed one in his basement, but it looked like a rabbit with antlers, and i didn’t think it was real. so, is it like, a real animal, or just something people in texas made up to confuse poor east coasters cause there’s nothing better to do out there?

    • Lisa says:

      Re: kindly enlighten please…
      it’s not a real animal, it’s some sort of stupid myth. i’ll tell you what — at that store they had a big rabbit head dyed teal w/huge antlers mounted on the wall and it was the ugliest, tackiest, scariest thing i have ever seen…

      • Re: kindly enlighten please…
        haha, ew. yeah, pete has like, 3 of them in his basement, and i was like, why does that rabbit have antlers, and he’s like, it’s a jackalope, and i’m like oh, of course it is, i knew that, doesn’t everyone?
        have you seen any of those clocks with dice where the numbers should be and they say las vegas in sparkly letters right in the middle? they were everywhere when i went in the summer, and they were the tackiest thing, and i loved them and wanted to get one, but i never got around to it.

        • Lisa says:

          Re: kindly enlighten please…
          i haven’t seen any yet, but i’ll keep my eyes peeled. i only went down to the strip once so far. i’m going back this afternoon — i have an interview at the New York New York hotel for Special Events Rep… SO exciting =)

          • Re: kindly enlighten please…
            ooh, i like that one, there’s an indoor roller coaster…lol, you should get a job at coyote ugly and dance on the bar.

          • Lisa says:

            Re: kindly enlighten please…
            i saw a pink sparkly clock with dice as the numbers! i thought of you and wanted to get you it, but my poor jobless ass can’t afford the measly $18 thing at the moment. damn. but it’s the thought that counts, right? =)

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