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En Route to Las Vegas – Day 4

By February 4, 2004road trips

Miles driven: 1892
Hours spent in car today: 4.25 Total: 30.75
States covered today: Oklahoma, Texas
Stupidest billboard today: “A Spriritual Experience You Will Never Forget. Stop here to see the Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere.”
Stupidest things said today: “Those are Hawaiian moos.”
Best part of the day: Buying cowboy boots in Texas
Worst part of the day: Not making it all the way to Albuquerque as planned due to a blizzard in Oklahoma, icy roads, sleet, hail, freezing rain, and insane fog in Texas
Current location: Amarillo, TX
Miles to Las Vegas: approximately 750?

As you can see, today was not very productive. At least we got some mall/movie time and the hotel has a treadmill and a heated pool. It was nice to walk around some after spending three and a half days in a car. Still, I wish we could have made it further. This will probably delay getting to Las Vegas until Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night. Damn.

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