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A rainbow on Rainbow

By February 23, 2004las vegas, weather

Here’s what happens when it rains in the desert: Streets flood, traffic gets backed up, everyone freaks out about the “downpour”, and people crash their cars on every corner. Downpour? I’m assuming these people have never seen a tropical storm or a nor’easter. On the East Coast we have the following classifications of rain: drizzling, scattered showers, showers, raining, raining hard, pouring, gushing buckets, thunderstorms, and sever thunderstorms. In Las Vegas, there is only slight drizzling (referred to as “raining”) and regular rain (referred to as a “downpour”). I think they forcast thunderstorms here, but, from what I can see, it’s just a threat.

On the other hand, it is very likely that when it rains in Las Vegas, you will experience sunshowers. I love sunshowers. I had the priviledge of driving home in a sunshower this afternoon. When I noticed it was a sunshower, I thought to myself, Ooh, maybe I’ll see a rainbow! Then I thought, How funny would it be to see a rainbow on Rainbow? (Rainbow is a road.) But, I didn’t have to drive on Rainbow to get home, so it was really just a passing thought.

As I drove along, dodging car accidents at every intersection, I decided I wanted to stop at the Gap to exchange my new size 4 pants for size 2 pants – I bought them for work and I figured tighter pants might result in better tips. The other Gap didn’t have them in a size 2, so I was worried that the one on Charleston wouldn’t have them either, but I opted to go anyway.

I was going to turn right at Jones, but I couldn’t because of a puddle that had caused a three-car pile-up, so I ended up turning onto Rainbow instead. That’s when I saw the rainbow – it was one of those the-planets-have-aligned-and-the-universe-is-perfect-and-this-was-meant-to-be kind of moments. I knew right then that the Gap would have the pants in my size. It was a whole rainbow, too – not one of those half-ass seven-foot strips of rainbow sticking up over the top of a Home Depot. It was definitely an awesome rainbow.

I’m wondering if all this rain means I can take a 10-minute shower tomorrow? The five-minute shower rule is killing me. I mean, I spend more time on my post-shower moisturizing ritual than I actually spend in the shower! It has also crossed my mind that perhaps I can bank my shower time – like, if I don’t take showers all week, and save up 35 minutes, does that mean I can take a bath on Sunday? Hmm…

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