A Grammy’s Matching Game

By February 8, 2004 music, tv

I was lucky enough to watch the Grammy’s with my mom, my aunt and uncle, my four little cousins, and a few people over IM. Match the quotes from my night with the celebrities they were said in reference to. Whoever gets them all right wins a Las Vegas souvenir in the mail.

1. “Where did she steal that wig from, the Revolutionary War museum?”
2. “You can’t hate that band, the lead singer was in that cheesy movie you liked.”
3. “_______ is cool. He has his little mansion in Michigan and you never hear about him getting all sketchy and stuff.”
4. “I don’t like her hair. I looks like Christina’s. Change it.”
5. “Well, he’s cute in a shy-guy-with-a-cool-voice kinda way, not like an oh-my-god-he’s-so-hot kinda way.”
6. “Then he’s all wiping the coke off his nose on national TV.”
7. “Why does he look so old there?” “Because that other picture was taken 40 years ago.”
8. “Is he a pea, too?”
9. “Their hair matches.”
10. “Look at her thighs.”
11. “Where’s his speech?”
12. “Why is she talking like that? Like that fish from that movie. She’s babbling like that fish. She sounds like it.”
13. “Whoa. He’s from Australia? Whoa.”
14. “I like _______’s sailor pants.”
15. “She’s got some major roots. Not that it matters. But she does.”
16. “Aww. Look at _________. She’s so cute, but I hope for his sake that her boobs don’t fall out of the dress.”
17. “What exactly is that noise he’s making right there? I don’t think that noise was in the original song. Was it?”
18. “Oh hell yeah, because green is hot and they know it.”

A. Prince
B. Ellen Degeneres
C. Madonna
D. Andre 3000
E. Beyonce
F. Dave Matthews
G. Sharon & Ozzy Osborne
H. Paul McCartney
I. Gwen Stefani
J. Sarah McLachlin
K. The White Stripes
L. Justin Timberlake
M. John Mayer
N. Justin’s Mom
0. Christina Aguilera
P. OutKast
Q. Keith Urban
R. Steven Tyler

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  • cymric says:

    Jamie and CJ
    Next year I’m watching the Grammy’s with your family. Anyhow, I didn’t see any of it, and CJ saw some, but since it is five a.m. and I can’t sleep, we gave it a shot. The chicks were the hardest, Timberlake’s mom was the funniest, and I didn’t know Ellen was still appearing on television. Anyhow, I appreciated having some late night entertainment!
    1. C
    2. K
    3. A
    4. I
    5. M
    6. D
    7. H
    8. L
    9. G
    10. E
    11. F
    12. B
    13. Q
    14. J
    15. O
    16. N
    17. L
    18. P

    • cymric says:

      Re: Jamie and CJ
      Dammit. I said, “anyhow” way too many times. That is what happens when you take ten years to finish a journal response. You forget how many times you use a transition. Anyhow anyhow anyhow. 😛

  • i have no clue, i only watched the part when celine dion’s microphone didn’t work, and that was only because i happened to be in the same room. can i have a prize anyway?

  • calic0jack says:


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