One more month…

By January 6, 2004 new jersey

Have I mentioned how much I desperately need to get out of this state?  New Jersey is seriously lacking in decent people.  Everyone has an attitude problem.  Crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge is like crossing into a do-not-EVER-hold-the-door-at-the-mall-or-say-nice-things-to-strangers zone.  Just the other night at the movie theater, I watched a few 13-year-old girls almost get into a fight because one was “staring” at the other.  I must say, I never witnessed this sort of atrocity while I was in Blacksburg.  Southwestern Virginians would never behave that way toward each other – ever.  As scary as it was to be in the middle of nowhere at first, I think I got addicted.  Life in the south is just so much nicer than life up here.

Don’t get me wrong, New Jersey is good for all sorts of things – driving 85 mph in rush hour traffic, being close to the city, Beat-the-Clock Night at Bar A with Lifespeed, traffic circles, getting dressed up in heels to go to the mall, the beach, etc.  But, this state is definitely not known for its hospitable residents.  I’m sure all the girls with the big hair and long, fake fingernails are nice in their own way, but… I don’t know.  That just doesn’t do it for me.

To make up for my lack of a social life in New Jersey, I have developed a new habit of adding random people with similar interests to my “friends” list.

I’ll be most-of-the-way across the country by this time next month, and I can’t wait!

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