Off to Orange County

I’m going to California tomorrow!  I’m flying out of JFK and landing in Long Beach at 11:45 am.  My cousin Joelle is picking me up, and I’ll be staying at her place in Santa Ana until Tuesday.  I am SO excited.  We’re going to go shopping in Hollywood (with what’s left of my dwindling savings), and we’re even going to drive down to San Diego this weekend!  SO exciting!

Kristy’s in California right now, too, so I’ll probably meet up with her tomorrow night for dinner while Joelle is at work.  We need to take a picture together so I can put it in my cute “Aloha” picture frame she gave me for Christmas.

I just decided to take this trip two weeks ago on Christmas Eve.  I got my plane tickets from jetBlue for $99 each way.  I’m SO excited.  I’ll even get to check off one of my New Year’s resolutions – put my feet in the Pacific Ocean. This is going to be the best spur-of-the-moment trip EVER!

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  • Lisa says:

    Did I mention I’m SO excited? =)

  • njfatalcorps says:

    ha nice, sounds awesome. This is Joe, Steve’s friend. Yeah, I just got back from Colorado the other nite. Me and three friends went up there. It was brutally fun. Nice entries though, I was just skimming through and like your work. Scroll through my past entries if you want sometime…Fun stuff.

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