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Kristy’s 21st, Part I

I had a bit of trouble deciding what to wear out this evening due to the fact that I packed all of my favorite clothes into three boxes and shipped them to Nevada this afternoon, but I settled on a preppy-looking black sweater and my Abercrombie jeans.  I also opted to wear lipstick and my glasses tonight — something new and exciting for me.  I did, however, forget to put on any jewelry other than my anchor necklace.  After an episode of rummaging through the kitchen drawers for a screwdriver, I fixed the lens that popped out of my glasses and headed over to Amanda’s — 40 minutes late.

We pre-partied for a bit and then piled in the car to head down to Point.  We made it to Jenk’s just in time for Big Bang Baby — the type of band that makes you hope every song is their last.  I didn’t drink much tonight — I’m saving my energy and my money for tomorrow night — but I did manage to score a free can of Miller Lite from a rather cute bartender.

The night went pretty smoothly — no drama, no crying, no drunken antics, no fighting, yelling, screaming, tripping, falling, puking, throwing objects, spilling alcohol, etc.  It was definitely a good time.

The really awful band ended their set with “Livin’ On A Prayer”.  That song makes me think of being soaking wet.  (Bon Jovi concert, Giants Stadium, 8/7/03 — it poured rain the entire time.)

A few strange things happened after this point: a random girl started grinding up against Gabby, then a fat kid started dancing with Kristy, and a skinny kid with a plaid shirt and a crooked hat started dancing with me.  Luckily, I brought along my old Roxy messenger bag — I wanted something big enough to hold my camera and my mittens, so I strayed from the usual little black purse — so the boy ended up humping that instead of me.  Fortunately, this only lasted about three minutes (maybe less, but it seemed like forever).  He then moved onto the rest of the girls in our group.

I did fairly well in my quest swear off boys tonight.  I must say, it didn’t occur to me that any of the guys in the entire bar were worth hitting on, dancing with, giving my number to, or making out with.  I even met a pretty cute guy in a plaid shirt that said he liked my glasses.  He seemed nice, but, like I said, I’ve sworn off boys indefinitely.

Kristy and Amanda decided to pretend they were snowboarding on the huge piles of snow in the middle of the boardwalk on our way back out to the car. It was pretty weird looking out the window at the bar and seeing the entire beach covered in a few inches of the white stuff. It was also about two degrees out there. No doubt about it, the Jersey Shore is much better in the summer.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Kristy! 

Tomorrow night: Bar A — perhaps I’ll do the glasses again, and I think the lipstick was hot, but the messenger bag needs to stay home.

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