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A Musical Argument

By January 28, 2004conversations, music

I downloaded this Good Charlotte song, “Hold On”, because I heard it on the radio this afternoon during my bath and decided that I liked it. Stephen walked in on me listening to it and decided to give me his expert opinion:

“MTV is controlling your brain!”

“I don’t watch MTV.”

“That’s not the point. The point is… You’re just… You have… You’re such a poser!”

“What I am I posing as?”

“You pretend to be all in on the punk and emo scene and you buy this Von Dutch gear and you’re just not.”

“Stephen. What?”

“You’re just ridiculous. And then you see that MxPx is opening at the Simple Plan concert and you suddenly become their biggest fan.” (I bought tickets to see Simple Plan at the House of Blues to surprise my two cousins in Las Vegas — if they’re reading this, they better act surprised anyway!)

“Stephen, I bought the Simple Plan tickets to take our two little cousins to see them. I figured if I spent the money and MxPx was gonna be there, I’d listen to some of their shit before I went. No?”

“I’m going to write about this in my LiveJournal and all my friends are going to make fun of you.”


“And you listen to Dashboard Confessional!”

“So do you!”

“Yeah, but…  You don’t even like it.”

“I wouldn’t listen to it if I didn’t like it.  You think I listen to music I don’t like in the privacy of my own room to give the impression that I want to be ‘all in on the punk and emo scene’?  You’re nuts.  You told me to listen to Dashboard Confessional.  You said I’d like them.  You loaned me the CD to put the songs on the computer!”

“Well, why’d you buy a Von Dutch hat?”

“Because Brian Conover has one.”

“That’s why?”

“No, you dumbass.  Because it’s pink, and I like it, and it’s cute.”


“What does the trucker hat have to do with the song?”


“Bite me.”


“Get out.”

What seems to be the problem here? Do I need to pick one genre of music and be obesessed with it for the rest of my life? The best thing about MP3s is being able to download whatever songs I want. I can honestly say I listen to just about anything and everything. Am I a poser because I have a Kenny Chesney song on my computer and think cowboy hats are cute? Am I a poser because I listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and enjoy eating pineapples? I must have multiple poser personalities…

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  • crzyben says:

    the real posers are the ones that feel a need to label types of music… and care about which type of people listen to it.
    i hate it when people get all possessive over the music they like… as if the postal service is really any different than britney spears. they are both out to sell records and get rich. i really hate the “indie/emo” mentality.

  • calic0jack says:

    How the hell could you say that Postal Service and Britney Spears are the same? Have you compared lyrics lately? Postal Service’s lyrics actually have meaning… you really can’t say that about Spears. She’s machine produced. I hate people like you, that think every artist is in it for fame. It’s so ridiculous. I mean, it’s ok to like a little bit of everything, but then don’t go dressing up like your into a certain genre that distinguishes itself with its dress style. AND if you decide to reply to this, remember YOU are the one who made the insult on a musical genre.

    • Lisa says:

      Ben — Sorry my brother is acting like a psychopath. He’s still in his “music is life” phase.
      Stephen. You’re being a bit ridiculous. First of all, I see no point in dressing like I listen to a particular genre of music. But, even if I did, I can wear whatever I want, just like I can listen to whatever I want. What band gave you the right to be all posessive of a genre of music?
      And don’t be getting all bitchy with people in my journal or I’ll start screening your comments.
      BTW, did it ever occur to you that my spending a year and a half as an assistant PR director of WUVT – the independent radio station in Blacksburg broadcast from Virginia Tech – may have sparked my interest in indie music before you knew what emo was?
      This is retarded. I’m not defending my taste in music to you…ZTEVE.

  • calic0jack says:

    then delete the post, dumbass. this was between you and me… and you twisted the conversation to make yourself sound superior. if you want to belittle me over you LJ, then im gonna defend myself over it. got it?

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