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A few simple things

It’s Beat-the-Clock Night with Lifespeed at Bar A tonight.  Stacey and I had plans to go but, she called me this morning to tell me she was sick and couldn’t go.  I hung up the phone and promptly decided I was going to kill her.  I was a little pissed off, especially because I’d given up tickets to see Gypsy on Broadway to go to the bar tonight.

After a few episodes of JAG, I decided I was over it and decided to give Rob a call.  He had a stressful day, so fortunately, I was able to make him laugh with my story about today’s bursting into tears over chili with my brother just because Stacey cancelled our bar plans.  After realizing how ridiculous I sounded, I decided I was being a bitch.

“You’re not a bitch,” Rob said.  “You’re just complicated.”

Oh.  Is that supposed to be better?  Haha.

The thing is, I’m not complicated.  I’m not even that much of a bitch.  I require a few simple things — good friends who are honest with me, return my calls, and refrain from cancelling our plans as much as possible.  Granted, you have to be quick-witted to keep up with a damn word I’m saying, and I have a bad habit of interrupting and rapidly changing the subject without notice, but I wouldn’t say that’s “complicated.”  It might be somewhat confusing, but definitely interesting, and almost always funny — but complicated?

“Maybe,” I replied.  “But, either way, I still hate stupid people.  And I have too many clothes.”

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