Designer Purses

By December 26, 2003 shopping

What is it with all the 12-year-olds roaming the mall toting designer purses?  Are Dooney & Bourke bags the new eighth grade status symbol?  Does asking mommy for a Coach purse for Christmas grant these middle school girls entrance into the popular crowd?

A friend of mine was recently telling me about his current dream girl from work.  He sighed wistfully when he mentioned that she had a real Louis Vuitton bag.  I said, “Yeah, right.”  He responded that he knew she had a real one because he’s learned what to look for in an LV bag to make sure it’s the real thing.

I do not understand the designer purse obsession.  I even wanted one up until this afternoon – when I realized I’d be looking like a 12-year-old by carrying it.  Plus, why buy a purse for hundreds of dollars when:
        a.  Everyone else already OWNS the purse.
        b.  So many people have a knockoff version of the purse
             that most will doubt the authenticity of yours.
        c.  You can buy a cute, practical bag that matches
             everything for $40 or less at Macy’s.

Let’s get a grip, people.  Get a fake one, or buy a nice Nine West bag for 40 bucks.  You could be blindly obsessing over Paper Denim jeans, Diesel sneakers, Abercrombie sweaters, Ugg boots, and Von Dutch accessories with all that money you’d be saving.

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