An Intelligent Conversation With My Brother

By December 22, 2003 conversations, music

VTJerseyGirl03: ?
VTJerseyGirl03: what in the hell does that mean?
calic0jack22: what
VTJerseyGirl03: porcelina of the oceans blue.
calic0jack22: its lyrics to the song i was blasting
calic0jack22: freak
VTJerseyGirl03: right
VTJerseyGirl03: should have known
calic0jack22: listen, i’ll play it again
VTJerseyGirl03: excuse my obliviousness.
VTJerseyGirl03: please do not disrupt my peaceful listening to the talents of israel kamakawiwo’ole
calic0jack22: did you hear it?
calic0jack22: listen again…
VTJerseyGirl03: no.  i told you.  i am listening to israel kamakawiwo’ole.
calic0jack22: forget that crap
calic0jack22: its all about smashing pumpkins
VTJerseyGirl03: no.
VTJerseyGirl03: i am currently listening to israel kamakawiwo’ole and his ukelele.
VTJerseyGirl03: 😛
calic0jack22: pffft
calic0jack22: pure and utter crap
VTJerseyGirl03: hawaiian music is not crap
VTJerseyGirl03: especially when it is used in conjunction with pineapple candles, a loaf of hawaiian sweet bread, and a glass of passionfruit iced tea.
calic0jack22: GAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaayy
VTJerseyGirl03: you have no respect for the hawaiian culture.
calic0jack22: ooo oh oh, he is burned… BURNED …. BUUURRRRNNNNNEEEEEDD
VTJerseyGirl03: it is also best when listened to while absorbed in the book, Hawaii by James Michener, and accompanied by a 75 degree breeze coming through the window
calic0jack22: fag
VTJerseyGirl03: at around 4pm on a sunny springtime afternoon.
calic0jack22: OK I GET THE POINT
calic0jack22: you wish you were a hawaiian…
calic0jack22: BUT
calic0jack22: you aren’t
VTJerseyGirl03: you obviously do not get the point.  i was not saying i wish i were hawaiian.  i was simply explaining the best way to listen to israel kamakawiwo’ole.

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